Valhalla in 2024: major updates & new testnet

4 min readFeb 25, 2024

Dear Community,

In this article, we would like to update you on the latest development progress of Valhalla and share major news and exciting plans for 2024.


  • Valhalla’s engine and game mechanics have been completely reworked
  • This includes full 3D graphics, real-time exploration mode, and a turn-based combat system
  • A public testnet version Valhalla is being rolled out on Berachain-Artio network.

Over the course of recent months, the engine of Valhalla has been switched to Unity with all graphics completely overhauled into a 3D world. In this fundamentally new version of the game, you can fully control your hero (“avatar”) and interact with other players or NPCs in real time. By moving your character in town areas, you can talk to vendors such as the Blacksmith or Alchemist to buy items or services from them. After leaving the town through its gates, your avatar is ready to venture in the outskirts to find formidable enemies to fight.

Exploring the town area with your avatar

The combat system itself has undergone a fundamental transformation too and is now featuring a hex grid battlefield where fighting occurs in a turn-based mode. All characters act according to their initiative and have their strengths and weaknesses against each other. While your avatar does not take part in combat anymore, your party will now consist of maximum five characters instead of only one. By hiring right mercenaries, equipping them with the fitting gear, and choosing strong skill builds, you should strive to assemble a powerful team, becoming a champion of Valhalla.

The new combat system of Valhalla

All these updates come with tons of new items and consumables. A new category of rarest gear available, Epic items, has been added to the game. The art concepts for most items have been completely redrawn to correspond to new graphical style. Additionally, equipping new items on your avatar will not only bring new benefits for your whole party but also customize their appearance in the game.

Example art for new items

Launching on Berachain (testnet Artio)

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that we are launching a new testnet version of Valhalla on Berachain-Artio!

Berachain is an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain which is currently in development and stands out as one of the most anticipated crypto projects of 2024. To read more about Berachain and its ecosystem, please refer to their documentation.

The Berachain’s testnet (Artio) has already gone live in January 2024 and we have recently deployed our first smart contracts to prepare for the alpha version of Valhalla. We will gradually add new features available for testing starting with NFT mint — stay tuned for the updates!

How to participate in Valhalla testnet

1. Connecting to Berachain-Artio and getting testnet $BERA

Install a crypto wallet like Metamask and add the Berachain-Artio testnet to your supported networks. This process is well explained in the Berachain’s guide accessible via this link.

To send transactions on Berachain-Artio, users require $BERA testnet tokens available free of charge on the official Faucet. Simply enter your wallet address and enjoy watching tokens transferred to your balance.

2. Minting your first Valhalla NFTs

The mint of Valhalla NFTs is available only on our webpage:

To buy a hero NFT, connect your wallet, press the mint button, and confirm the transaction. Please note that only 1 NFT can be minted in a single transaction but the maximum amount of heroes per wallet is 5. The early testers from closed alpha whitelist can mint maximum 15 heroes per wallet.

Valhalla Hero NFT collection information:

Chain: Berachain-Artio
Type: ERC-721
Price: 0.002 BERA
Contract Address: 0xBAa84B001fcD36d03593AE3Da6bd74a08733B435

3. Join our tester community & provide feedback

We welcome all players that are testing Valhalla to join us on socials, for instance, on our Discord server. We value every feedback and will continuously work with the community to improve the gaming experience of Valhalla.

Additionally, we have prepared several quest campaigns to motivate early players to explore Valhalla and try all of its features. This will include going for in-game achievements and performing simple on-chain tasks. Make sure to follow us on social media not to miss the opportunity!

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