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3 min readDec 5, 2021



The first day of our testnet was used as a stress test for our server. There was a genuinely huge flow of users. We didn’t expect this number of players, so it was an immense astonishment for us.

The first half of the day, we were trying to guarantee our server’s stability. Due to the load for our server, we had to debug its work. The majority of bugs and problems in its work were eliminated, but still, there are some left, so we will continue removing them. Now, we have reached the server’s working stability during a heavy load on it, more or less. Furthermore, we have optimised the most resource-consuming operations.


We want to give you some numbers of the first day’s statistics. They are pretty impressive!

Image №1

In the first image, you can see:

  • that the number of unique visitors has reached nearly 16 000;
  • that there were 2.15 million requests in total, nearly 505 000 requests per hour at the peak, which means that there were approximately 140 requests a second (that’s greatly big);
  • that 38 GB of data were served, in view of that data caching was partially working.
Image №2

In the second image, you can see the web traffic requests statistics regarding regions. So, most requests were from the Russian Federation, the second place takes Ukraine, on the third place — Belarus, then it goes Turkey, and the last is Poland. There were also requests from other countries, but numbers from that countries are insignificant.

Image №3

The third image is divided into three categories: Queries (not Questions) a second, Connections a second, Traffic a second. Talking about Queries, you can see that at the end of the day there were made approximately 15 000 of them just in one second. It is not shown in this graphic, but at the peak, there were 60 000 queries a second (are you crazy? We’re very impressed by this)! Also, we see that there were ~200 connections simultaneously and ~20 MB of data were processed in one second.

If you’re not impressed yet, we have some more numbers! Here they are:

  • 382 789 fights with monsters in the first 8 hours;
  • 21 548 transactions in the blockchain during the day;
  • 7 945 items were dropped in the game;
  • 18 429 purchases were made in the in-game shop.


Our team is working hard and practically doesn’t sleep to make our server more stable. When we’re done with all bugs, we will make corrections to our server’s algorithms, and all mistakes we’ve found will be gone. Then, anyway, we will test whether we’ve done everything correctly and only after that we will restart everyone’s progress and actually start the testnet with rating.

Thanks for your patience and help in finding bugs. We really appreciate this. Good to have such a good community! Just wait a little bit more, please, and everything surely will be fine!

P.S. Thank you for loading our server so much)

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