Game Guide

Creating a Character

After completing the registration phase, you have to create your first character. You will need a handful of coins and a Name to do this.

Game Features

Let’s see what you can use.

  1. Switching between characters;
  2. Store;
  3. Marketplace;
  4. Home screen.


In this building, you can acquire new heroes.


This building will allow you to buy equipment for your character to enhance his strength (more in the “Inventory”). Attention! Select the equipment on the Class of your character and take into account the level of your character’s level of advancement.


This building is intended for the sale and purchase of equipment and characters between players — in-game marketplace. Items that you can put up for sale must be “Rare” or higher. Characters can also be put up for sale here. Items from the store cannot be sold here.


To start a successful game you will need to put the purchased items on your character, to get a significant increase in the hero’s strength.


After all the preparations, you are ready to open the gates of the first of the Valhalla worlds. To do so, click on “Gate”.

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Valhalla is the Play-2-Earn RPG immersing in a fantasy medieval world inspired by Scandinavian mythology. It is made on blockchain and uses NFT technology.