About Valhalla project

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Valhalla art
Art of game classes
  • NFT marketplace
    Interaction within players for trading in-game items and characters.
  • Smithy
    Allows players to make, repair and improve items out of obtained materials, recipes for in-game currency. Also, players can destroy their equipment to gain materials.
  • Alchemist’s Laboratory
    Allows making expandable items out of obtained resources, recipes for in-game currency.
  • PVP fighting system
    In Training Center you can participate in PVP fights. Players will be awarded experience and points of glory.
  • Guilds
    Each player can create a guild for in-game currency to get access to new game activities. Guilds take part in rating in the Hall of Glory. Furthermore, they can participate in GVG (Guild vs Guild) fights for new territories and castles to get unique rewards.
  • Hall of Glory
    Top-100 rating of the best PVP fighters and guilds that won the most GVG battles. Every player and every guild being on this list gets extra rewards.
  • Pets system
    Pets are player’s allies and obtaining them gives extra power. You can buy them in the game market or raise them from eggs.
  • Raids
    The raid system allows assembling a squad of associates to attack monsters with BOSS status to get legendary NFTs.
  • Commissions for selling NFTs on the in-game marketplace
  • Commissions for crafting new items
  • Purchases of items and characters in the game shop
  • Usage of other game world services



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Valhalla is the Play-2-Earn RPG immersing in a fantasy medieval world inspired by Scandinavian mythology. It is made on blockchain and uses NFT technology.