The first half of the day, we were trying to guarantee our…

Greetings, pioneers of our wonderful world of Valhalla! This guide will help you take your first steps in the game and keep up with other participants.

Please read the guide carefully so that you don’t make any mistakes and ruin your game experience.

Before starting the guide, we would like…

You’ve been waiting for this for a long time now. We are happy to announce you Valhalla Incentivized Testnet! Read this article to know all the details, warriors.


Recent NFT hype

NFT is the main trend in the blockchain space in 2021. The market of non-fungible tokens (NFT) growing before our eyes every day. According to the DappRadar resource which monitors NFT sales through few blockchains in the first half of 2021 NFT market has reached nearly $2.5…


Valhalla is the Play-2-Earn RPG immersing in a fantasy medieval world inspired by Scandinavian mythology. It is made on blockchain and uses NFT technology.

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